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I’m the founder of, an essentalist and digital nomad. I’m also in an investor in some e-commerce companies (amoran...

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I’m the founder of, an essentalist and digital nomad. I’m also in an investor in some e-commerce companies (,, and others) and other startups (Jodel, Zenjob, Clark and others).I’m looking for someone to help me manage our social media company account(s) as well as my personal account(s). In addition to that, you will help me reach out to journalists, draft articles and draft interview answers.

About my personal lifestyle I’m passionate about startups. Having founded my frst company at age 14, I’ve built various tech companies, invested in ten and currently work on a productvity startup, a computer vision company and a crypto currency. To spend as much tme as possible with my companies, which are spread across two contnents, I gave up on having an apartment last year and have since lived out of my bag. I write about various areas of my life and how I constantly strive for improvement. I travel constantly, own only 64 things — all of which are black — and spend an average of 3.7 days in the same locaton.

About Sendtask We’re building the world’s greatest shared task application. Sendtask allows you to share tasks and collaborate anyone - without forcing them to create an account. Sendtask is live for both web and mobile - check it out here: htp://

You will work with me directly in this role. We will communicate daily via Whatsapp and Slack.

If this opportunity sounds interesting to you, then please get in touch. Please send me an email to and make sure your subject line reads: “I’m the Social Media Intern You’re Looking For!”. Submissions without the correct headline will not make it into my inbox.

In your email, please send me some info about yourself, what you’re currently doing and why you are interested in this position. In addition, please answer this question: “What is a way to get to 1000 followers on Instagram?”.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Cédric Waldburger Founder of

These will be your tasks:

In this position you will

• Post to various social media channels in my name or our company name two to four times a day

• Come up with ideas for blog posts and other social media posts

• Write article drafts and drafts to interview questions

• Use Photoshop (or any other editing tool) to edit and crop images or add text

• Reach out to journalists and media outlets

• Help out with various other smaller tasks

You’re offering these qualifications:

• You are between 18 and 28 years old

• You speak German and English fluently and feel comfortable writing in both languages

• You use a variety of social media platforms for yourself and have a broad knowledge of how to use them (Facebook & Instagram are most important)

• You consider yourself a smart and creative person

• You have a passion for writing and reading

• You are reliable and responsive and pay attention to detail

• If you have experience with editing videos, that’s a plus