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đź‘‹ hi there!

We are building up our team and are happy to offer an internship in Marketing and Community Management (at) HuggyStudio! Never heard of us before? 👇

We are a young company with a simple purpose: To empower entrepreneurs because we believe they are the greatest leverage towards positive change.

How do we do this? We offer education, events, and services for entrepreneurs (everyone with an idea is an entrepreneur). A big aspect we cover is “how to build products without writing code”. If you haven’t heard of no-code either, we’re about to blow your mind:

No-code is a global movement around platforms that help people build software without writing a single line of code. We believe this is a huge paradigm shift in the way we think about software development and IT talent in general. We love it because this drastically lowers the entry barriers for new entrepreneurs.

Sounds promising? Here is more information about the internship:


During your 6 months internship at HuggyStudio (100%), you will work closely together with the team and help us push the no-code movement in Switzerland.

This includes:

  • Interacting closely with our community and creating value for our members (mostly entrepreneurs)
  • Creating and running events about entrepreneurship and no-code
  • Managing our blog and overseeing the content creation process
  • Managing and optimizing our online marketing activities including social networks, newsletters, ads
  • Coming up with new marketing ideas and pushing them through


  • You have a strong interest in entrepreneurship (we insist)
  • Bilingual English + German OR French
  • You enjoy creating content (blog posts, social media posts, videos, newsletters, website copy)
  • You have already done some marketing OR community management for fun (amateur level or not, this can be anything you did in the past)


  • Work with entrepreneurs
    We love entrepreneurs and get to meet them every day. If you share this passion, this is a huge benefit that will get you inspired throughout all aspects of your work.
  • Remote within Switzerland
    We meet once a week. You can work from home or elsewhere for the remaining days. FYI, the team is located in Bern and Fribourg but your location is not a selection criterion (within Switzerland).
  • Take responsibility and learn a lot
    Each one of us is still learning and improving on different fronts. As we are growing, we constantly need to manage new situations and assume new responsibilities. The same goes for you, you will be taking over many responsibilities from the beginning and we will teach you all what we know for you to master your role. We expect you to make plenty of mistakes as this is a great signal that you are taking risks and are trying something new :) It’s a challenging but very rewarding experience.
  • Be at the foreground of no-code and grow with us
    No-code is a growing movement and we are in a good position to have a lasting impact with our different initiatives for entrepreneurs. For the sake of our purpose, we need to attract the best talent and grow together with you. This is why this internship can turn into a full-time job after completion.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!