Step In Product Owner

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Fair pay

In the full-time position of Step In Product Owner (employment level of 100%), you will receive a gross salary of: CHF 34 - 64K per year, depending on what stage you have reached in your studies and/or your final qualification (specialisation).

Job location

In this 60 to 100% job you have the possibility to partly work from home.

You travel up to 20% of your working time within Switzerland.

Flexible working models

We can offer the working model to suit you, whether you’re a night owl or morning person and whether you’re looking to work full or part time. We also give you the option of purchasing additional days’ leave.

Individual training

We support your personal and professional development with a comprehensive programme of internal and external training.


You are part of a DevOps team consisting of software engineers, operation engineers and DevOps engineers that combine the two worlds between development and operations.

The theme

Swisscom is undergoing an agile transformation throughout the entire organisation. Agile servant leadership roles are central to a successful transformation. We are looking for students, recent graduates and juniors that aim to phase into such servant leadership roles.

As a product owner, you are responsible for the backlog of a DevOps team and the prioritisation of its items. You will receive requests for your team, conduct an initial analysis and prioritise the requests accordingly. You represent the team in the Product Owner sync meeting in which the alignment between other product owners occurs.

Your professional profile

  • Technical background in the area of software development, IT architecture, IT operations or similar
  • Knowledge in agile methodologies

  • Experience in people and stakeholder management

What else sets you apart

  • Willing to learn, agile mindset, and enjoyment of working in a T-shaped team

  • Experience with agile process organisations

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