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Trainee at AbbVie – Joana Herter

11.August 2021 2 Min. Lesezeit Interview


18 Months Rotational Program
Starting 1 January 2022

MSc in Biology, ETH Zurich
AbbVie Trainee July 2020 – December 2021

Why did you choose AbbVie?
I learned about AbbVie and its Trainee program at the Zurich Life Science Day 2020. I was just finishing my master’s degree at that point and was very unsure what to do next. However, as soon as I heard about this program, I just knew I had to apply!

What, in your opinion, is special regarding AbbVie’s culture?
The people are so helpful and open-minded! As a beginner, I have questions about everything, and everybody I asked was incredibly helpful and patient.

What was a key moment in your AbbVie career?
When I realized how much I had actually learned. The pandemic and being in home office through most of the Trainee program was far from easy, and I often felt a bit lost. However, when I recently told someone about all the things I have done so far, I realized that it was a lot.

In one sentence: why is AbbVie your personal Great Place to Work?
The mix of resources such as inspiring webinars, events like Bike to Work and the supportive environment within the affiliate make AbbVie my personal Great Place to Work.

Will this Trainee program change your life, and if so, in which aspect?
It has already changed my life since I went from studying at university to working in an international pharma company. And it will most likely continue to do so, because all the experiences I gained here will have an impact on my future career choices.

Do you have a tip for Trainee applicants?
Just do it! One of my big learnings was, that you don‘t always have to know what you want to do for the rest of your life. Choose the path that feels right at the moment and be open to learn as much as you can.

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