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Trainee at AbbVie – Romina Cabra

11.August 2021 2 Min. Lesezeit Interview


18 Months Rotational Program
Starting 1 January 2022

PhD in Biomedical Sciences, University of Bern
AbbVie Trainee July 2020 – December 2021

Why did you choose AbbVie?
After finishing my PhD in Biomedical Sciences it was clear for me that I wanted to leave academia and enter the world of biopharmaceutical companies. However, I did not know which department would have been the right one for me. As soon as I found out that AbbVie was offering the chance of working in 3 different departments, 6 months in each, it was clear to me that I would have to apply and give my best to get this position.

What, in your opinion, is special regarding AbbVie’s culture?
At AbbVie you feel as part of a big family that shares the same final goal of helping patients’ and their relatives’ life . At AbbVie I understood the real meaning of team work and got the chance of receiving really interesting and challenging projects despite my “trainee position”.

What was a key moment in your AbbVie career?
For sure a key moment was when my manager told me that during one of my 6-month rotations I would have been responsible for the medical team side for the set up and roll out of a big and interesting project that has all the potential to have a remarkable impact on patients’ lives.

In one sentence: why is AbbVie your personal Great Place to Work?
AbbVie is my great place to work because of the open-minded and helpful people that work here, the great quality of the products we are offering to patients and the possibilities to grow that AbbVie offers.

Will this Trainee program change your life, and if so, in which aspect?
YES. Thank to this program I have already given many answers to my initial doubts and got a clearer idea of what my future career will be. I also got the confirmation that the real team work exists and it will exponentially increase the quality of the final results. My life was also changed by all the exchanges I had with all the people I met (more virtually than physically) inside and outside of the Swiss affiliate in such a short time.

Do you have a tip for Trainee applicants?
Don’t put nonexistent obstacles in your way, believe in yourself. If you like the position, apply without fear!! Be yourself, authenticity will always pay off. And remember, not only the company/team has to like you but you have to like it as well so that every day (or almost every) you I will enjoy going to work.

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