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11 JUN PwC
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Event Details

Event Details
Start At: Jun 11, 2024 10:00 Uhr
Has already taken place
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About the event

Join us for our second webinar about the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: A Gateway to Global Sustainability.

This insightful session will provide an exploration of the mechanism and its significance with a sustainable supply chain. Our expert panel will shed light on its key elements, a first status report about what happened since 1 October 2023 and what businesses must expect in the coming months.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your understanding of this critical mechanism in building a more sustainable and resilient future. Register now for this session to secure your spot.


10.00amWelcome and introduction
 A look back to the first reporting periods
 Calculating emissions: the transition from standard to supplier-specific emission factors
 Impact of CBAM on planning, budgeting and forecasting
 Carbon Pricing Reporter – our solution to support businesses


Hosted by
  • Oliver Hulliger, Director, Customs & Trade, Sustainability services
Guest speakers
  • Dora Forgacs, Senior Manager, Sustainability services
  • Marta Campos Martinez, Manager, Sustainability services
  • Theresa Ertl, Senior Associate, Sustainability services
  • Paolo Buiatti, Senior Manager, Finance Transformation