Webinar: Navigating financial performance

11 JUN PwC
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Event Details

Event Details
Start At: Jun 11, 2024 16:30 Uhr
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About the webinar

In today’s intricate and rapidly evolving business ecosystem, effective and efficient financial planning of organisations is a pivotal factor in both immediate success and sustained growth.

This is where Financial Planning solutions come to the forefront, seamlessly aligning strategic planning with forecasting and budgeting.

Join us in an enlightening webinar designed to immerse you in the core principles and benchmarks surrounding Financial Planning. Explore how OneStream’s EPM platform can comprehensively address these facets. 

In collaboration with:

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

  • Foundation of Financial Planning and the Management Cycle 
  • Unravel the essence of Financial Planning solutions in OneStream: defining benefits and unleashing value 
  • Navigating challenges in Financial Planning system implementation 
  • Insightful live demonstration: 
  • Q&A 


  • Alberto Della Santina, PwC Switzerland
  • Paolo Buiatti, PwC Switzerland
  • Marc Magdaleno Ruf, PwC Switzerland