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Fair pay

In the full-time position of Step In Anti Phishing (employment level of 100%), you will receive a gross salary of: CHF 34 - 64K per year, depending on what stage you have reached in your studies and/or your final qualification (specialisation).

Job location

In this 60 to 100% job you have the possibility to work partly from home.
You travel up to 30% of your working time within Switzerland.

Flexible working models

We can offer the working model to suit you, whether you’re a night owl or morning person and whether you’re looking to work full or part time. We also give you the option of purchasing additional days’ leave.

Individual training

We support your personal and professional development with a comprehensive programme of internal and external training.


Our self-organized agile team consisting of five DevOps engineers and is distributed between Zurich and Bern.

The theme

Phishing is a major attack vector in cybercrime nowadays. Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In this project, we want to inspect emails and retain phishing attempts to protect users and businesses. Swisscom has built a system that analyses URLs and classifies to what extent those might be phishing websites.
As a DevOps engineer, you build a module as a microservice running on a Kubernetes cluster that analyses emails using various rules and heuristics. Moreover, you integrate our existing URL analyser with your module to analyse links and references in emails. You make sure that the entire CI and CD life cycle is implemented as code. Finally, you integrate your module with incoming mail/SMTP servers.

Your professional profile

  • Good programming skills in OOP (using Java, C#, Python or similar languages), knowledge and experience in FP would be an asset (e.g. Scala, Kotlin, …)
  • Knowledge and experience in container orchestration platforms (such as Kubernetes)

  • Knowledge in applied statistics or machine learning
  • Knowledge in security and email protocols

What else sets you apart

  • Intrinsically motivated and proactive person driven by curiosity and who is constantly willing to learn
  • Enjoyment in thinking out of the box

  • Experience with agile process organisations

Job number: 10741

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