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Get the student job of your dreams!

1 MAR. 30 AVR. Yuh Wherever you want
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Organised by Yuh

About Yuh
Yuh is a free 3-in-1 app developed by PostFinance and Swissquote. It lets you pay, save and invest easily. Above all, with each new account, Yuh offers a debit card to use abroad in 13 currencies without transaction fees.

Get the student job of your dreams!
Your job: simply test this card abroad and spend the money that we will add to it. Travel, shop, enjoy brunches… Not bad, huh? More precisely, your mission will be to travel to the destination of your choice with only your ID, your smartphone and your Yuh card credited with 5'000 CHF. Commissioned by Yuh via a freelance contract, you will have to complete a series of actions with your debit card during your trip and share your most mythical experiences on social media.

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If you like impromptu trips, unusual experiences and unexpected challenges, you are the ideal candidate for this dream student job. Try your luck, it’s a lot more fun than spending the summer making fries!

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