Romandie Tax Roundtable

14 MAG PwC Hotel Royal Savoy, Av. d'Ouchy 40, 1006 Lausanne
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Dettagli dell'evento

Dettagli dell'evento
Start At: mag 14, 2024 09:30 Uhr
Ha già avuto luogo
Hotel Royal Savoy, Av. d'Ouchy 40, 1006 Lausanne
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About the event

We look forward to hosting the first Romandie edition of the Regional Tax Roundtable series! The Regional Tax Roundtables feature regular excursions to current hot topics in the tax space. This event series offers a unique platform to selected Swiss-based companies by combining tax-related information and exchange with a trusted regional setting and community.

The next roundtable will address two hot topics at the interface between Tax and Technology: «Tax transformation in times of AI» and «Operational Transfer Pricing».

Artificial intelligence can help us optimise compliance processes and perform our daily tax work. Summarising large documents and formulating fairly accurate first opinions on our day-to-day questions. But how can we benefit most from AI?

Operational Transfer Pricing: The shift towards digital tax administration together with the upgrade of ERP platforms (like S4Hana) are creating a need for tax and transfer pricing functions within the organisation to access quality data. We will show you which opportunities this opens up for you and how you can use this momentum to build an effective transfer pricing process, to leverage new tools and technologies as well as to automate your organisation’s transfer pricing lifecycle.


9:30Welcome coffee
  • Tax transformation in times of AI
  • Operational Transfer Pricing
13:30End of the event