Pizza Plates & Debates

30 MAR 30 MAR McKinsey & Company Zurich
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Dettagli dell'evento

Dettagli dell'evento
Start At: mar 30, 2023 17:30 Uhr
End At: mar 30, 2023
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Are you hungry? And you also want to learn more about consulting? There is no reason we can’t combine the two.

During the evening we will debate controversial topics that are currently popular in society. Bring your opinions and ideas to the table as we engage in lively discussions. Of course we are not only serving hot topics but also delicious pizza to fuel our debates.

Join us for an engaging speed debating event and of course to learn about what it’s like being a consultant at McKinsey.

Who this event is for: 
We invite students and recent graduates in Switzerland from business degrees to apply.

What to expect

We’re looking forward to an interactive evening with you!

"Having joined a casual event like this has allowed me to get to know McKinsey in a very familiar atmosphere. It was a great chance to have deeper conversations with consultants about the job and learn more about opportunities and the whole process itself."
- Anna, Consultant in the Zurich Office


Apply by Sunday, March 26 with your CV.