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KPMG Ideation Challenge 2021

24 FEB KPMG Virtual
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Is your idea the next big thing? Looking to crack complex business issues with data-driven ideas and the power of technology? Now is your chance to fire up your synapses and solve the problems of tomorrow using the power of your business, technology, and data and analytics knowledge. Create an advanced technology solution that helps to overcome or leverage the impacts of the global pandemic. We are looking for different types of people: Creatives, Techies and Visionaries. Are you up to a new virtual experience?


Dates see below, detailed agenda will follow


24.02.& 25.02.2021, Ideation Academy
Your team will go through the ideation process together with KPMG specialists to develop an idea to the following problem statement. Create an advanced technology solution that helps an organization or industry of your choice overcome or leverage the impacts of the global pandemic. The best teams will move on to the National Final.

26.02.2021, National Final
If you made it to the National Final, your team will have time to work on your idea with the support of our KPMG Coaches. In the end of the day you will pitch your idea to a judging panel. The winners of the National Final will move on to the International Final.

13.04 & 14.04.2021, International Final
You will compete against the other national winners of the 14 participating countries from all over the world. There will be plenty of time to get more insights on KPMG and to network with other teams. You will pitch your idea to the international judging panel.

What's in for you? Expand your network among students with the same interests as well as KPMG specialists from all kind of levels and departments. The winner of KIC 2021 will receive 1000$ per member and other attractive prizes. Interested? Please read the team requirements carefully.


Please note that due to the current circumstances, the entire KIC 2021 will be held virtually this year.

Team Requirement

Each team consists of 4-6 matriculated students at a Swiss university on bachelor or master's level. There should be at least one member with a business and one with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) background. A mix of genders is also a requirement. Preferable you hold Swiss or EU/EFTA nationality.

Incomplete team sign-up? Are you missing any of the before mentioned criteria to have a complete team? We are happy to add someone who signed up individually to your group that fulfills the missing requirements. Please note, that we can only confirm your team if all requirements are met.

Individual sign-up? You would like to participate in the challenge but you cannot find a team? Dare to sign up as an individual and we will add you to a team that needs an additional member. We cannot guarantee participation but will try our very best.


Interested? Register now as a team or as an individual. Send the name of your group including CVs of all members to: CH-FMkicswitzerland@kpmg.com. Please read the team requirements above carefully.


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