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Meet our Deal Advisory consultants virtually and get to know our corporate culture. Network, ask all your questions and get valuable tips for your next career step.

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04.10.2022 –Meet our Strategy Team

Interested in M&A transactions and want to embrace change? Get to know our Strategy Team, which provides support in the development of sustainable and measurable strategic solutions. Within the scope of initial strategic considerations up to the integration or separation of the transaction object the team places special focus on M&A transactions. Dare to join!

18.10.2022 –Meet our Restructuring Team

Do you like to execute with quality? Our Restructuring Team advises during the strategy and earnings crisis up to overcoming a liquidity crisis. They provide support in the development, planning and implementation of restructuring and reorganization plans. Dare to think out of the box!

02.11.2022 –Meet our Transaction Services Team

You like to celebrate success? When it comes to company sales and acquisitions, our Transaction Services Team is on hand to support clients from a range of industries in analyzing company information across all areas. The insights from our due diligence let them help clients negotiate an advantageous sale or purchase price, mitigate any risks and implement their strategic goals. They make sure our clients get the deal that's best for them – and their stakeholders – in accordance with their overarching strategies. Dare to boldly try new things!

16.11.2022 –Meet our Valuations Team

Do what matters! The Valuations Team determines the value and price of companies or assets in M&A transactions, JV formations or restructurings - by assessing value drivers and risks, building complex financial models and applying state-of-the-art valuation methods. Dare to maximize your potential!

30.11.2022 –Meet our M&A Team

Do you want to drive growth? The M&A Team guides the client through the entire transaction process - assisting in the evaluation of strategic options, finding the ideal buyer or purchase object, or concluding a purchase agreement. Dare to strive for new thinking!

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