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2 APR 16 APR KPMG Online via live stream on CareerFairy
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Event Details
Start At: Apr 02, 2024 17:30 Uhr
End At: Apr 16, 2024
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Online via live stream on CareerFairy
Auditing / Trust

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Meet our consultants virtually and get to know our corporate culture. Network, ask all your questions and get valuable tips for your next career step. Dare to join!

Click on the respective links below to get to the live streams and register for the sessions on CareerFairy. Enter your questions directly there and vote up the questions that interest you the most - We're looking forward to meeting you!


KPMG Tech Talk Digital Audit (02.04.2024)

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations need to evaluate and address technology-related risks in order to grow, improve and assure their business operations. Technological developments and regulatory pressure are raising the bar to the next level in domains such as audit, data & analytics and compliance. The Digital Audit team actively supports our clients and helps with the analysis and evaluation of IT processes. Join our Tech Talk about Digital Audit to learn more about the newest technologies in auditing and get to know the team and the field they work in. Strive for new thinking!  


KPMG Tech Talk Technology Enabled Business Transformation (09.04.2024)

In most implementations, companies focus on the system implementation and overlook the business transformation required for success – KPMG does both. Moreover, we help companies to evaluate, implement and improve ERP solutions of SAP and Microsoft as we take a business-first approach to implementations using KPMG Powered Enterprise. Join our Tech Talk and learn more about how the Management Consulting team helps companies to evaluate, implement and improve ERP solutions with special focus on SAP and Microsoft. Dare to never stop improving!


KPMG Tech Talk Cyber Security (16.04.2024)

Today Cyber Security is everywhere – one could even say it’s omnipresent. The increasing dependence on technology for core business processes (IT enabled transformation) renders information confidentiality as well as its integrity and availability. It puts forth the need for effective and risk-based information security planning. Our Cyber & Digital Risk team will talk you through their daily to dos and challenges they face at their work. Dare to think out of the box!