Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education: Changes and opportunities

What are the implications of the rapid development of AI for higher education?

  • June 22, 2023
  • 2 Min. reading time

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become almost ubiquitous. The term is associated with progress, innovation and change. But what impact does the rapid development of AI have on higher education? Could you imagine a robot running your seminars or a computer programme correcting your essays?

With artificial intelligence, we learn in a new way. AI programmes help us to learn individually and flexibly. They adapt to our learning speed, recognise our strengths and weaknesses and can thus provide us with targeted support. This brings many advantages. Studies can be organised in the way that suits you best: no rigid structures, no pressure, no stress.

AI as an individual learning companion

One of the most important applications of AI in higher education is personalised education. AI systems can analyse your learning habits and understand what you already know and what you still need to learn. They can create personalised learning plans based on your needs and progress. You can think of it like this: You're preparing for an exam and an AI system helps you use your time as efficiently as possible. It analyses your skills, identifies your strengths and weaknesses, and offers tailored exercises and learning materials.

New horizons in research

Artificial intelligence can not only help you learn, but can also be a valuable tool for research. Huge amounts of data can be analysed and patterns that would remain hidden to us humans can be detected. This can help us expand our knowledge in many fields, from medicine to astrophysics.

Robots in the lecture hall?

It is rather unlikely that lecturers will be replaced by robots in the near future. Artificial intelligence can already take over many tasks, but it cannot replace human interaction. A robot can neither lead an exciting discourse nor arouse enthusiasm for a topic. That is and remains the task of your lecturers.

Artificial intelligence brings many changes and a healthy scepticism is appropriate. If used wisely, AI is not a threat, but can be an enormously valuable help. It can help you learn and research better and more efficiently. The use of AI can change and improve higher education, but it cannot replace it completely. Because in the end, we humans are still the ones who make decisions and drive research. Let's seize this opportunity and embark on the adventure of artificial intelligence!