Distance learning vs. face-to-face study: What suits you?

Which study format is right for you? Both distance learning and face-to-face study offer unique experiences for you.

  • September 18, 2023
  • 2 Min. reading time

In this ever-changing world, you are at a crossroads: which study format is right for you? Both distance learning and face-to-face study offer unique experiences for you. Here is an overview of distance learning vs. face-to-face study.


With distance learning, you can study when and where you want. Whether in a café, in the park or at home – you decide the pace and the place.

A face-to-face course gives you a fixed timetable and thus a structure, but restricts you in terms of where you learn and the pace at which you work.


Online platforms give you access to forums, chats and video conferences during distance learning. You can ask questions, hold discussions and get in touch with lecturers and other students. However, direct, personal contact may be lacking.

This is certainly not the case with face-to-face study. You meet like-minded people on campus. Face-to-face conversations, group work and face-to-face discussions encourage exchange and networking.

Access to resources

With distance learning, much of the learning material is available online. However, sometimes you may not have access to specialised labs or libraries.

With a face-to-face course at a university or university of applied sciences, you benefit from the entire infrastructure and resources available.


Fees are often lower for distance learning. You also save on costs for travel, accommodation and possibly meals on campus.

A face-to-face course gives you the full campus experience. However, this comes at a price, including tuition fees, housing, meals and transportation costs.

Career prospects

Choosing distance learning shows that you can organise and motivate yourself. It underlines your independence and discipline - qualities that employers value.

Through direct contact with lecturers and other students, you can build up a valuable network during your studies. Internships and on-campus events offer you additional opportunities for your professional future.

The decision between distance and face-to-face study depends on your preferences, lifestyle and career goals. Think carefully and make an informed decision.