Extracurricular activities: experiences, challenges and opportunities

These are the extracurricular activities you can do alongside your studies.

  • October 02, 2023
  • 2 Min. reading time

Studying is a time full of new experiences, challenges and opportunities. But it's about more than just books, lectures and exams. It's also about making friends, learning new skills and having fun. And that's where extracurricular activities come in.

Clubs and organisations

Many universities offer a variety of clubs and organisations. From theatre groups to environmental organisations, there's something for everyone. You can get involved in issues close to your heart and gain valuable experience at the same time.

Cultural events

Cultural events are a wonderful way to broaden your horizons. Whether concerts, exhibitions or cinema – such events offer a change from everyday life and you can discover new things.

Sports and fitness

Are you a sports fan? Then take advantage of what your university has to offer! Many universities have their own sports teams and groups that you can join. Whether it's football, basketball or yoga – here you can work out and meet new people.


Many students use their time to volunteer in various areas. For example, you could help at an animal shelter, get involved in refugee aid or help organise events for a good cause.

Internships and working student positions

Internships and working student positions offer you valuable insights to gain practical experience in your field of study and to make contacts in industry.

Research projects

Some universities offer students the opportunity to participate in research projects. This is an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into your subject area and gain practical research experience.

Language and cultural exchange

Language and cultural exchanges open doors for you to learn new languages, experience different cultures first-hand and make international friends.

The possibilities for extracurricular activities during your studies are almost unlimited. They offer you the chance to learn new skills, broaden your horizons and gain valuable experience for your personal and professional future. Take advantage of this opportunity and make your study time active and fulfilling!