Present like a boss: five steps to the perfect presentation!

Presentations go beyond simply conveying information.

  • November 23, 2023
  • 3 Min. reading time

Presentations go beyond simply conveying information. A successful presentation requires not only words, but also skilful staging to engage the audience from start to finish. In this article, we take a look at proven strategies and tips to make presentations more effective.

An exciting start is the key to success. It determines whether or not you can capture the attention of your audience. The following five tips can help:

  • Personal anecdote: Tell a short, gripping story from your life that fits the topic. Examples: Experiences, challenges or unexpected twists and turns.
  • Provocative question: Start with a question that gets to the heart of your presentation. This is thought-provoking and directly engages the audience.
  • Surprising fact: Share a fascinating fact that creates a wow effect and arouses interest. Example: Statistics, trends or developments that are unexpected.
  • Quote or exclamation: Use an inspiring quote or powerful exclamation to grab attention.
  • Current relevance: Tie in with current events or trends to put your presentation in a current context.

Have body language under control

Your body speaks volumes. An upright posture conveys self-confidence, while regular eye contact signals commitment. Your gestures and facial expressions should authentically match your message and the deliberate use of your hands supports your words. Slow, purposeful movements convey calm and control. Also remember that pauses can be used deliberately to emphasise your message. If you have problems with where to put your hands during the presentation, there is the well-known tactic of using a biro. This way, you always have something in your hand and don't appear unsure. However, you shouldn't use this tactic if you tend to wave your pen around nervously.

Practise beforehand

Practice makes perfect. Record yourself or sit in front of a mirror and go through your presentation. Observe not only your words, but also your body language. Do you look confident? Do you speak clearly? You can also practise in front of friends. Their feedback can provide valuable insights and help to identify weak points.

By practising continuously, you can not only consolidate the content, but also develop a natural and convincing presentation style. Repetition also gives you confidence and allows you to find your own rhythm. You will notice which passages are particularly fluent and where you may falter.

Techniques for suspense

A captivating presentation requires skilful techniques to maintain suspense.

  • Avoid monotony: Consciously vary vocal elements such as pitch, volume and rhythm to avoid monotony and create a lively presentation.
  • Change the tempo: By deliberately changing the pace of your speech, you create energy and drama, which increases your audience's attention.
  • Incorporate interactive elements: Add to the excitement with interactive elements. Ask the audience for opinions, show short films or integrate live polls. Integrating audience participation increases attention and brings the presentation to life for the audience.

Programmes for stylish presentations

The visual appearance of a presentation is also very important. Tools such as Prezi, Slidesgo and, of course, PowerPoint are ideal for modern and appealing presentations. It is important that the presentation supports your words and does not overpower them. Remember: Less is often more. Avoid text overload and flashy slide transitions as well as too many animations and focus on meaningful images and clear graphics:

  • Prezi enables non-linear presentations with smooth transitions and spatial dimension through zoom functions. This is well suited for narrative or explorative presentations.
  • An additional resource tool for professional presentation templates is Slidesgo. Here you will find a large selection of ready-made slide designs for every topic. Whether simple or eye-catching, you'll find everything on Slidesgo.
  • PowerPoint impresses with its user-friendliness and diverse design options. It enables the integration of text, images, animations, graphics, etc. for a visually appealing presentation.

As you can see, it's not just about conveying information, but also about making a connection with your audience. The tips presented here should help you to present not only effectively, but also convincingly. By starting strong, mastering your body language, practising regularly, applying tension techniques and using visual tools, you can make presentations an impressive experience for everyone.