Stay cool, party hot: The guide for your summer party!

As soon as the temperature rises, you'll want to get outside.

  • August 07, 2023
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As soon as the temperature rises, you'll want to get outside. What could be better than spending a warm summer evening with your friends, good food and tasty drinks? If you want to plan a relaxed summer party, here are the best tips!

Barbecuing is simply part of summer. It brings everyone together to laugh, eat and have a good time together.

Preparation is half the battle: Before you fire up your barbecue, make sure you have enough charcoal and your grill is clean.Variety adds colour: It doesn't always have to be the typical steak or sausage. How about grilled vegetables, fish or even fruit like pineapple or peaches?

What else should be considered:

Music: No party is complete without the right music! Create a playlist that suits your summer party and creates a good atmosphere. Of course, you can also ask your guests to contribute their favourite summer hits.

Lighting: If the party goes on into the evening, good lighting is important. It not only contributes to safety, but also creates a cosy atmosphere. How about lanterns, fairy lights or even some torches?

Seating: Make sure there is plenty of seating. You can provide garden chairs, cushions, hammocks or even picnic blankets.

Fun and games: Depending on who your guests are, some games might go down well. Frisbee, bocce or even a badminton set can provide entertainment and are perfect for summer.

But you don't just want the barbecue to be perfect - no! A cool drink can be your summer saviour. Here are a few simple recipes you can try.

Strawberry Basil Lemonade

For this drink you need:

- Strawberries

- Basil

- Sugar

- Water

- Lemon juice

Blend the strawberries and basil with the sugar to make a syrup, then add water and lemon juice. Et voilà, a refreshing and easy-to-prepare lemonade for hot days!

Watermelon cocktail

For a cocktail with a kick, mix:

- Watermelon

- Lime juice

- Mint

- Vodka

and serve with ice. The perfect drink for hot summer days!

You can find many more summer drinks, for example, at

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy time outdoors with your friends. With these tips, you'll be ready for your next summer party - have fun!