Travel tips for students: Cheap ways to explore the world.

Here you'll find useful tips on how to explore the world without spending a fortune.

  • July 10, 2023
  • 1 Min. reading time

Studying and travelling might not seem like a good match at first glance, especially if you're on a tight budget. But don't worry! Here are some useful tips on how to explore the world without spending a fortune.

Your budget, your compass

Budgeting is key. Look in advance how much you can spend and plan accordingly. Costs for food, transport and souvenirs can add up quickly. So be careful with your money. And if we're honest: Often the best experiences are free!

Backpack up and go

Backpacking is a great way to travel on a budget. With light luggage you are more flexible and can discover more. Less is more, and that goes for your luggage too.

Discover the charm of the low season

Often, travelling in the low season is much cheaper. You can also avoid crowds and enjoy a more authentic travel experience. If you are flexible in your choice of dates, you can save a lot of money.

Low-cost travel abroad

There are many cheap destinations around the world that are worth visiting without breaking your budget. Here are some examples:

South East Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Eastern Europe: Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania

South America: Colombia, Bolivia and Peru

India and Nepal


Summer activities in Switzerland

You don't always have to travel far to have exciting experiences. Switzerland offers many inexpensive summer activities. Go hiking in the Alps, take a rubber boat ride on the Aare, try stand-up paddling or visit a zoo.

With smart preparation and a focus on valuable experiences rather than high expenses, you can experience many breathtaking places near and far –  without having to stretch your student budget.