The Traineeship at FELFEL is designed to give young individuals a kick-start into their professional life. The Traineeship program takes 6 months, and can be extended to 9 or 12 months to include rotations in other teams.

Learning, on the job training, and a lot of responsibilities are three of the core elements of the program.

We want to give young people an inspiring and honest way to start their career & welcome the following individuals to apply:

  • Graduates (Bachelor or Masters)
  • Maturanden (after finishing Matura)
  • Young career changers (Quereinsteiger) such as flight attendants who would like to experience something new, KV etc.
  • LEARNING: we learn together every day, but once a month we do a skill shaping sessions - often with a unique external expert
  • ON THE JOB TRAINING: a lot of trainings during the first six months, including how we work at FELFEL, food safety, food service, etc.
  • RESPONSIBILITIES: the best way to learn is to do, therefore we give young talents a lot of responsibilities early on

The core element, which we believe is ‘core’ to any professional career is Customer Service. Getting to know your customer is key for whatever you do in your career later on and this is where we start with your training.