Teralytics ist ein Start-Up, das Software zur Analyse großer unstrukturierter Datenmengen entwickelt. Mithilfe der Big Data Apps von Teralytics soll die langwierige Entwicklung einer maßgeschneiderten Anwendung wegfallen.


Our Mission Statement: We unlock the full potential of the world’s data to make human life more fulfilling.

Teralytics is a fast growing company with high ambitions in the emerging big data economy.

At Teralytics, we work with some of the world's most interesting data sets every day. Our products transform the way industries, governments and our society work.

We are a team of data scientists, software engineers and business people from 20 different countries with offices in Zurich, Singapore and New York.

We offer our employees unique learning opportunities and the chance to take on important responsibilities from day one.

Teralytics is funded by international venture capital firms, who previously invested in high profile companies such as Facebook, Spotify, Skype and AirBnB.


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